Change form label color when in focus/active

bobdempsey83 asked 7 months ago

Hey everyone, I have an md-form that I'd like to change the color of an input label when the cursor enters it. I've tried input:active & input:focus to change color, but it's not working for me.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! 🙂


try this code:

.md-form input[type=text]:focus:not([readonly]) + label { color: #CC0000; }



bobdempsey83 commented 7 months ago

Hey thanks so much Maria.

That code worked for my name & email inputs, but not the textarea.

Do you have anything that will work for the textarea?



I don't have a solution for textarea now. In MDB, we don't change label color of textarea on active.



bobdempsey83 commented 7 months ago

Ok thanks very much!

Marta Szymanska commented 7 months ago

I've just got the idea for textarea label. You need to add a new class to .md-form wrapper of textarea. Try this: {
color: #4285F4;

bobdempsey83 commented 6 months ago

Hey here's the working example:

Change form color & label on focus

Change input color on focus:

Thanks again for the help! :)

Marta Szymanska commented 6 months ago

You're welcome.

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