Checkboxes loaded via Ajax not showing

Topic: Checkboxes loaded via Ajax not showing

Beedge pro asked 3 years ago

Checkboxes loaded in forms via ajax are not working for me

The standard HTML checkboxes are hidden as expected, and the MDB versions are showing, but when I click on them nothing happens

IF I load the page directly (not via ajax) the checkboxes are clickable as expected.

Is there a javascript function to initialize a checkbox?

Beedge pro commented 3 years ago

In the event this is not a simple fix, is there at least a way of keeping the default checkboxes in place? This issue has become a major blocker in the project I am working on!

Mirosław Stasiak commented 3 years ago

Send me your code here or by email I just loaded checkobox via AJAX and it worked.

Beedge pro commented 3 years ago

Confirmed the issue was on my side. Labels were targeting the incorrect IDs. thank you for looking.

Dear Mirosław Stasiak

Same issue facing now. Can you please help me on this

Marcin Luczak staff commented 6 days ago


Please check my comment on the post you created.

Regards, Marcin

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