Topic: Cloned selects when using mdb-select

ronschi pro asked 5 years ago

When using mdb-select as class the select will be cloned. Even at your example page the problem is visible: (Basic example) Bug can be replicate within current stable versions of Chrome and Firefox

ronschi pro answered 5 years ago

I've closed the issue. My fault was to initialize mdb-select twice. Didn't see that before because of two different files.

Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 5 years ago

Hi ronschi, Thanks for reaching out and letting us know! On our end it seems as a by-product of us updating our documentation, but the issue is definitely worth inspecting further. Are you experiencing this behavior in your own projects using MDB? If so, please let us know the details, i.e. the package version. With Best Regards, Kuba

ronschi pro commented 5 years ago

Hi Jakub, I'm on the current stable release (downloaded mdb (jquery version) yesterday). I'm able to reproduce the bug with following little snippet: <code> <select class="mdb-select"> <option value="1"> Test </option> </select> </code>   Please ignore the code-tags. Need to use them here to get the code displayed correctly.

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