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Topic: Datatable jump to specific page on load

NitinMistry asked a year ago


I would like to jump to a specific page when the DataTable is loaded, specifically the last page as after adding a new row to the bottom of the table list, I would like to navigate to that page to show the user that the newly added record is available in the list.

How do I achieve this?

Hi there,

The easiest way is to trigger click event just after initialization or data update. Here's the example code:

  let pageItems = $('#dtBasicExample_wrapper').find('.page-item');

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Thanks Mikołaj. This works perfectly fine.

On a side note, how do I remove sorting on specific columns? Right now the DataTable has sorting on all columns and I can't seem to figure out how to remove from specific ones on which I do not want any sorting.

Hi there again,

For this moment sorting works in the simplified way. You can only turn it on or off for the whole table.

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Too bad. Anyway, thanks for the reply Mikołaj.

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