Topic: Difference in jquery-pro download and git

cemik pro asked 5 years ago

Hi, I'm curious about why the content of the downloaded jquery-pro differs from the one I get from your git repo jquery-pro? I notice that it's different package.json, gulpfile.js etc, and also different folder structure.

Below is the difference of the folders and mentioned files, with git on the left and downloaded on the right.

git vs download

jq-pro is a repository dedicated to users who want to install MDB jQuery Pro via NPM. Its directory tree looks exactly as the one that we used a long time ago. After we've migrated to another repository (which is available only to our developers), we're still maintaining jq-pro repository, but we had no reason to change the directory structure so it looks similar to standard MDB Pro package. On our new, internal repository we use a directory structure that looks like the gulp ones. Gulp package it's a kind of simplified version of our internal repository and I think this directory structure is a way better

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