Topic: EDIT: Problem downloading PRO version

etnyka priority asked 3 years ago

I've downloaded clean MDB 4.19.2 (MDB-Pro_4.19.2) and made a Copy/Paste with the sample code of 'Sidenav' into the basic template 'index.html'.

It doesn't work as expected. I can see the links but not with the look and feel of a sidenav.

I've tried with snippets and it works but when I download it, the code doesn't work from my server.

Links to my server:Sidenav - -

Link to all the files of the server:

¿Could you please check it and tell me what can I do?

EDIT: It seems not to be a PRO version. Finally I found a PRO version at the GIT repository. The version downloaded from 'My orders' as PRO is not a PRO version

Marcin Luczak staff answered 3 years ago


Your sidenav component is not working because you are using MDB5 (non-jquery) syntax for the MDB4 (jquery) package. If you would like to use the 4.19.2 package with older syntax please use this documentation site, but we highly recommend you to use the new syntax and package which you can download from your orders, signed as MDB5-Standard-UI-KIT.

Keep coding,

Marcin Łuczak

etnyka priority answered 3 years ago

Thank you for your reply.

I've always wanted to use the new code but I only see the 4.19.2 and 3.4.0 versions. Maybe it's a bug but this is what I have at 'Orders':

Now I'm using the new code because I got it directly from Git Repository and everything works fine but I'd like to have it also available from my orders page. Maybe you could take a look to prevent other users experiencing the same bug.

Marcin Luczak staff commented 3 years ago

The MDB5 is our 'standard' product now and its newest version is 3.4.0. As you also have an older version of the standard package (MDB4), I admit it can be confusing, so you should always seek the desired product under the package file name. I hope this will help.

Keep coding,


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