Error when building scss with Laravel (5.5) Mix

06chaynes asked 10 months ago

I am using Laravel Mix to compile all my scss files and I am running into an issue. When it gets to the _variables-b4.scss file I get the following error:

Module build failed:
$popover-arrow-outer-width: ($popover-arrow-width + 1px) !default;
Incompatible units: 'px' and 'rem'.
in /website/resources/assets/vendors/mdb/sass/mdb/free/data/_variables-b4.scss (line 669, column 39)

@ ./resources/assets/sass/app.scss 4:14-266
@ multi ./resources/assets/js/app.js ./resources/assets/sass/app.scss


Any ideas on a solution to this? I am using bootstrap 4.0.0-beta.2 currently.



06chaynes commented 10 months ago

So I did get this to build after making the following change to _variables-b4.scss:

Changed line 669 from :
$popover-arrow-outer-width: ($popover-arrow-width + 1px) !default;


$popover-arrow-outer-width: ($popover-arrow-width + 0.0625rem) !default;

06chaynes answered 10 months ago

No but I think this will need to be a change pushed upstream.


do you still need help with your first question?



markhealey commented 10 months ago

Yes, this change needs to be made to the NPM package

Bartłomiej Malanowski commented 10 months ago

@markhealey, this will be done :)

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