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csax asked 3 years ago

Dear Support

I would like to use file upload and have embedded you example. However, your sample lacks some features and I am not sure how to properly use it
- How can I set the upload path
- How can I add editing features (crop, use selected area, etc)
Do you have some sample code to illustrate?

Thanks Chris

MDBootstrap staff pro premium commented 3 years ago

Hi csax,

Do you mean that you have problems with our drag and drop plugin? I need to understand your problem. Please share links to the example you are talking about and tutorial you are mentioning.

Best Regards, Piotr

csax commented 3 years ago

Hi Piotr I wanted to save and edit the uploaded file using your file-upload plugin. Can your plugin do that or do i need to use alternatives? Thanks

jouvrard pro answered 3 years ago

I think that the upload MDB component only upload a file, but you need to do all the process to save your file in a directory, crop it, etc.

I use Verot Upload to do this: You have a lot of functions to crop, resize, choose the image format, the quality, etc... very usefull and easy to use. There are a lot of examples in the official website:


csax commented 3 years ago

Thanks very much for your reply, much appreciated!That explains it. I will checkout the verot upload

Update: This plugin is very powerful but for php. Since I'm using I will do it in code then. Examples can be found here

or here

MDBootstrap staff pro premium commented 3 years ago

Great job! Thanks for contributing.


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