Topic: Full Screen Scroller + MD Select searchable in modal form, incompatibility

josuanbn free asked 4 years ago

Expected behavior In a Full Screen Scroller (FSS) plugin Layout, I need a modal form (MF) with a material design searchable select. (MDSS) Actual behavior MDSS work as expected in a FSS view MDSS work as expected in a MF if FSS is disabled MDSS cant search if it's inside a MF and FSS is enabled

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

josuanbn free answered 4 years ago

Hi Tomek

I found whats is the problem!

The modal html needs to be inside the div that declares the fss-anchor from which call the modal.

Now works fine!

Thanks for your time

Best Regards

Tomek Makowski staff commented 4 years ago

No problem. Regards

Tomek Makowski staff answered 4 years ago

Is this effect which you want to achieve?

enter link description here

Do you have any errors in console.log?

josuanbn free answered 4 years ago

Hi Tomek

Thanks for your answer.

As you can see in the attached file, I load MDB Pro and later, I load FSS plugin

If I put a md-select searchable directly i a Full Screen Scroller panel, it work as expected: I can select a option or search in the options, but, when I put the mdb-select searchable it in a modal form, and I call the modal with FSS enabled, then it not work properly: I can still select a option, but the search input is not seen


Tomek Makowski staff answered 4 years ago


This plugin doesn't include mdb-select. How did you add mdb-select to your project? Did you just swap mdb.js link or you are just importing file twice?


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