Topic: Gulp installation error

maskinarbeten premium asked 3 years ago

I'm following the tutorial on installing gulp and i'm on step 7 but when i run the command i get a long error list

$ gulp mdb-go

[10:39:31] Using gulpfile H:\mdbpro\gulpfile.js [10:39:31] Starting 'mdb-go'... [10:39:32] Finished 'mdb-go' after 268 ms events.js:187 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event ^

Error: UNKNOWN: unknown error, watch at FSEvent.FSWatcher._handle.onchange (internal/fs/watchers.js:125:28) Emitted 'error' event on Domain instance at: at FSWatcher.EventEmitter.emit (domain.js:528:12) at FSWatcher._handleError (H:\mdbpro\node_modules\chokidar\index.js:260:10) at H:\mdbpro\node_modules\chokidar\lib\nodefs-handler.js:55:5 at Array.forEach () at fsWatchBroadcast (H:\mdbpro\node_modules\chokidar\lib\nodefs-handler.js:54:36) at FSWatcher. (H:\mdbpro\node_modules\chokidar\lib\nodefs-handler.js:100:9) at FSWatcher.emit (events.js:210:5) at FSWatcher.EventEmitter.emit (domain.js:478:20) at FSEvent.FSWatcher._handle.onchange (internal/fs/watchers.js:131:12) { errno: -4094, syscall: 'watch', code: 'UNKNOWN', filename: null, domainEmitter: FSWatcher { _events: [Object: null prototype] { add: [Function: debounced], change: [Function: debounced], unlink: [Function: debounced] }, _eventsCount: 3, _maxListeners: undefined, _watched: [Object: null prototype] { 'H:\mdbpro': [Object], 'H:\mdbpro\*\.html': [Object], 'H:\mdbpro\dist': [Object], 'H:\mdbpro\img': [Object], 'H:\mdbpro\js': [Object], 'H:\mdbpro\node_modules': [Object],

and the list goes on for a couple of hundred lines .. what do i need to do to make it start properly?

Before this i had a problem at step 5 with command npm install --save-dev gulp, it did not find the node-sass file for installation but i got it working using a solution from another support topic here using this command $ npm install node-sass@latest but now i'm stuck at step 7.

Best Regards

Mateusz Łubianka staff commented 3 years ago

Hi maskinarbeten!

We will check this soon.

Best Regards

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  • User: Premium
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  • Technology: MDB jQuery
  • MDB Version: 4.8.11
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