Topic: How do I get my local MDB-Pro repo to connect with MDB Gitlab?

aha52 free asked 4 years ago

Is is possbile for someone to walk me thru what I am supposed to do to get the MDBootstrap jQuery Pro up and running after purchasing it so that it will render correctly in the browser?

I am new to all this and am just learning Git and Gitlab. I am just not understanding how is it once I have access to Gitlab through MDB what I need to do. I have no problem when I try to work with the MDB in my own personal Gitlab account. It just doesnt render correctly because it is not recognizing that I have MDB Pro. 

I can get around Git, WindowsPowershell and Git Bash. I am working in VisualStudio Code and have Github Desktop installed also. And I have my local MDB Pro repo in Github. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you.

aha52 free commented 4 years ago

I figured out that I cannot fork and I do not have access to Gitlab even though I was granted access. There is a lock and says I have to invited and when I go into my fork it says I have reached my limit and namespace is invalid. Can someone please help me??!!

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 4 years ago

I'm sorry, but I think I don't understand what's the issue. Could you please provide us more details?

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Specification of the issue

  • User: Free
  • Premium support: No
  • Technology: MDB jQuery
  • MDB Version: 4.5.15
  • Device: PC
  • Browser: Firefox Developer Edition
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Provided sample code: No
  • Provided link: No