Topic: How to add external files into test snippet?

.jodadev. pro asked 4 years ago


How can I add external files into the snippet? Cause maybe there's other files, plug-ins, etc that I want to test and it would be helpful to include those in the snippet.

Also, similary, how can I add the PRO version files into another tester? for example, JS Fiddle, etc, since sometimes MDB4 don't work well with other plug-ins and is good to give testing to other site so they can help. I know I cant include the whole files since that isn't allowed so is there another way to include the pro files in an online editor without others seeing the files?


.jodadev. pro commented 4 years ago

Any help for this? Still trying to figure out how to include external files into the test snippet in order to test external plug-ins, etc, to work with MDB PRO?

And/or how to include the PRO files into other online testers like jsfiddle, codesandbox, etc, in order to test it with other plug ins and get feedback on issues? Just trying to do it the right way since I know I can't just upload the pro packages publicly but it is necessary to find a way around this in order to test it with other plug ins, etc. I think allowing external files into the MDB snippets would probably be the way to go since that way you can't see the mdb pro files. But is there a way to do it?

Sebastian Kaczmarek staff answered 4 years ago

In order to add an external asset to a snippet, just click the Snippet settings button in the navbar and then find the Add external asset link input on your left. Just paste the link to the asset and click the blue (+) button. The asset should be added to the snippet.

About your question about adding MDB Pro to some other online editors. You can't do that without violating our license. If you want to test MDB Pro you can do that in our editor. Also, you will always receive support in case of any problems. We are doing our best to answer all of the questions that appear on our forum. If you encounter any problems with the editor, please report an issue here on our support forum and we will try to help you the best way we can.

.jodadev. pro commented 4 years ago

Thansk for the answer. Unfortunately my experience in this forum asking question has not been positive. Rarely, are questions answered correctly to solve the issues, it takes long to receive answers (This question took 4 days to answer), and the snippet has not been very helpful. But I appreciate the effort.

So, 'add external link' is only for links right? How can I add files to the snippet? Also, I mostly work with datatables and this snippet I created: does not load the datatable. Do you know how can I do this?

Sebastian Kaczmarek staff commented 4 years ago

Sorry for the inconveniences with the support forum. We have a dedicated Support Team which has a reserved timeframe for answering the questions. And because of the amount of the questions, it may happen that some users are left for the next timeframe.

Yeah, Add external asset is only for links. Adding files is not supported at the moment. If you want to add a file, you need to upload it to some public server and provide the link in the Snippet settings.

About the Datatable snippet, what is the expected and actual behavior?

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