Topic: How to eliminate border-top on DataTables table?

.jodadev. pro asked 4 years ago


I'm using datatables and displaying the child-row. The issue is that the child-row has a border-top that makes the table look bad, I'm wondering how can I remove it? I tried this code but is not working.

.table td .table td {
    border-top: none !important;

Here is how I want the child row to look like: Click one of the + row so you can see how it doesn't have the border-top and looks nicer.

Here is a snippet showing the border-top on the child-row: Click one of the + to see what I'm talking about.

Any idea on how to fix this?

Tina Meadors pro answered 4 years ago

There may be other/easier ways of referencing the row (giving it an ID, etc), but this should do the trick to get rid of the border - and the extra padding - on just the top child row.:

td table tr:first-child td {
    border-top: none !important;
    padding-top: 0 !important;

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