Topic: How to @extend dynamically generated classes like py-2 in _custom_styles.scss?

ggiani pro asked 3 years ago

In '_custom-styles.scss' I want to extend some bootstrap classes like py-2, for example

.myclass {
  @extend .py-2;

but I get this sass error:

Error in plugin "sass"
Error: ".myclass" failed to @extend ".py-2".
       The selector ".py-2" was not found.
       Use "@extend .py-2 !optional" if the extend should be able to fail.
        on line 13 of scss/_custom-styles.scss
>>       @extend .py-2;


How can I solve this issue?

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 3 years ago


Which version of the sass do you use? From version 3.3.0 sass is throwing an error with extends that it can't find in the document.

You can try to import a file where the .py-2 class is or downgrade your sass compiler :)

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