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dmpneuro pro asked 2 years ago

For routine materialize input fields (type="text"), the field label shrinks and moves nicely up above the input area. How can I accomplish the same effect for a date input field (type="date"), so that I can take advantage of the HTML date mask?(I don't need a full date picker since, for my needs, it is easier to just type in the date.) Thanks.

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 2 years ago

Hi, We don't have it now what you want to do. I put that to task to do so we will think about that. Best, Piotr

vonmonckl pro premium commented 6 months ago

Can you please bump this up the priority list. It is currently a pain to get nice forms without this feature

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 6 months ago

Yes, I did it. I don't know why it is still not finishing yet. We missed it. Sorry about that. Have a nice day.

financesoft pro premium commented 2 months ago

I really need the date - Field. It is too cumbersome to collect a lot of data with datepicker. My customers do not accept this. Please offer a solution without datepicker.

Mateusz Łubianka staff answered 2 months ago


I will create a task with this issue and I'll take care of it personally so it will be fixed in nearest release.


BenLevy pro commented 2 months ago


I am going to add my name to wanting this. Also, for input type="time".

Further more, there is something going on in the mdb.js that is causing the input type="date" to not work correctly when viewed in iOS. It brings up the default keyboard.

This woks as expected for input type="time" in iOS.

If the mdb.js script is not included, the date picker iOS keyboard appears just fine. (even when the css is included).

If there is a workaround for this please post it.

FYI. I will only use the input type="date" and input type="time" for iOS (and possibly android). Please don't suggest a HTML control.

Thanks, Ben.

Mateusz Łubianka staff commented 2 months ago

Hi @BenLevy, The problem with date input is fixed, as you can see in our changelog: * Time input - for the sake of transparency of the forum, please create a nwe ticket with this issue, beacause it's another topic.


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