Topic: Issues while upgrading to 4.4.5

pro asked 4 years ago

Hi,I am upgrading to 4.4.5 (from 4.3.2) and run in some style trouble. I use MDB Pro and a template from Portfolio Templates. I am wondering how I do a correct installation of the package. Do I have to copy all from the Pro distribution to my web root and then on top all files from the Portfolio Templates distribution zip? Or does the Portfolio Templates zip file already include all stuff from the Pro package?I am asking, because I see strange behaviour.Warm regards,Andreas

Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, Portfolio template does not include all styles from MDB Pro. It is just selection of the styles which are necessary. In fact, template includes also additional styles, so it is a separate application. If You need to connect it with MDB Pro You'll need to add all style files to Your project - MDB Pro and also Portfolio. I suggest to put portfolio css files on the bottom of page and MDB Pro above them. Regards

pro commented 4 years ago

Wow, this is surprising and needs some clearification for me to do the setup correctly. This is how I would do it. Download MDB Pro, unzip locally, download Portfolio, unzip locally. Copy all files (dirs and subdirs) from the Portfolio-sass folder to my project's styles folder. Copy all files (dirs and subdirs) from Portfolio-js folder to my project's js folder. Then do the same with the folders sass and js from MDB Pro distribution. But Pro files would overwrite Portfolio files (f.e. buttons.js from Pro would be copied over buttons.js from Portfolio in my project), because I would copy them on top in my project. Is that correct, or do you want me to keep both distributions parallel and include first Portfolio styles and then the Pro styles?

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 4 years ago

You should include first PRO styles and then overwrite them by Portfolio styles. If anything is not working clear please zip Your project and send it to

pro commented 4 years ago

Thank's for acknowledging the procedure. I did that and it works. There are a few more tweaks (like adding @import "mdb/portfolio/general" to mdb.scss), but I got it right now. Maybe using portfolio on top of pro is something no one (except me) does in real life. If not, a guide how to do that would be great. Maybe there are some other mix scenarios with other distribution packages. However, thank you for your quick replies.

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