Topic: Issues with the Documentation

mymun pro asked 5 years ago

Hi Folks,there are a few issues with the documentation here on MDB:

  1. The Search is not working very often, and is not working right now.
  2. Several items (such as flipping cards, modal events, edge headers, touch gestures, timeline, tabs, switch, streaks) are not accessible through the main navgiation (only through the sitemap) and thus hard to find.
  3. From looking at the CSS files, I get the feeling that a lot of features and behaviour is undocumented. That especially goes for the SideNav content - are sidenav items always supposed to be accordion elements?
  4. Parallax is listed under \"CSS\" even though the only example for it uses a 3rd-party library called jarallax that is neither included in mdb nor documented here.
  5. When editing this post I noticed that the "version number" field resets when entering the editing screen, requiring me to re-enter it. It also enters additional escape-\ characters every time I edit.

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 5 years ago

Hi, someone from our team will check this search on our website but could you tell me what is the exact version of Firefox you use? And about the side-nav, there is no another component with the same styling like side-nav. We will try to improve side-nav and we'll take into consideration your opinion. Best, Marta

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 5 years ago

  1. Sorry for this bug, a search should work now.
  2. Yes, you can't find all links in main navigation because we have a lot of them. Look at here, please. How could we put all of these links in one side-nav?
  3. Side-nav items don't have to be accordion elements. Please, tell me how should look side-nav documentation according to you?
  4. We may change the location of parallax from CSS to Javascript in our documentation but what we should write there if Jarallax is a big block of javascript code included in the mdb.js file? I'm not sure what we can say more about Jarallax in the documentation.
  5. We will try to improve this.
Best, Marta

mymun pro commented 5 years ago

Hi Marta, thank you! 1. Search is working again on Chrome/Win10, but not on Firefox/Arch-Linux :( 2. OK - I see all links (including those only in the sitemap) are now available in search again, which helps a lot! 3. The issue with side-nav elements (anchors) that are not wrapped in an ul.collapisble-accordion is that they irgnore the white-text styling and appear as regular, light blue a elements. Are there any other components than collapsible-accordion that have sidenav-specific styling? 4. I just think its misleading to put it in the CSS section when its funtionatliy is achieved by JS and not by CSS 5. Thank you!

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