Topic: MDB don't work with spring boot 1.5.7.RELEASE

lelo452 pro asked 5 years ago

I'm trying to run an web app with spring boot + mdb but it doesn't work. Can you tell me what is the problem and how to fix it?

lelo452 pro commented 5 years ago

I try to use it inside spring boot and only with a html file and in the both the screen in blank in the browser, but when I open a template that comes with the files it worth but in other cases it don't work. How can I fix it? (I put the imports in the same order as the index and try to copy a page from templates but it still blank and don't show nothing from mdb 4.4.1)

Mirosław Stasiak free commented 5 years ago

I need more information. Send me your code here or on email

lelo452 pro commented 5 years ago

Now I was preparing the code to send to you, but before I send I take a last look in the two code and I realize that in my code it's missing the class "full-height" in the html. I think it was because of that the login page, what I was trying to test don't work. Now I will test the other page to see if is all ok. If something don't work I will send the code to you. One last thing, why I have to put the class "full-height" in the html tag to mdb work?

Mirosław Stasiak free answered 5 years ago

Hi, You need to add the full-height class because it assigns the height to the element. Some elements appear on a page with a height of 0px. Regards,

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