Topic: MDB jQuery Chips => chip-ul does work with the keyDown

Vasileios Valasidis free asked 3 years ago

Expected behavior I click in chip-ul the renderedLiClick handler has to fire... and then AddChip

Actual behavior When I click in chip-ul the renderedLiClick handler DOES NOT fire...
Please tell me if we have fix of these because I have to decide if I will use it to my site

Resourcesenter image description here (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

   var keyDefines = "{\"firstKeys\" : [\"Πώληση\",\"Ενοικίαση\",\"Περιοχή\",\"Τιμή\",\"Έτος Κατασκευής\",\"Εμβαδόν\",\"Κατοικίδια ζώα\",\"Τζάκι\"]}";
var jjj = JSON.parse(keyDefines);
var $searchBox = $('.chips-placeholder').materialChip({
    placeholder: 'Γράψε και μετά <enter>',
    secondaryPlaceholder: 'Τι άλλο ψάχνεις;',
    dataChip: jjj.firstKeys,
    data: [{
        tag: 'Πώληση',
    }, {
        tag: 'Περιοχή',

Marcin Luczak staff commented 3 years ago

Hi @Vasileios Valasidis,

Please create a snippet with your code. Right now I cannot see anywhere AddChip or renderedLiClick methods and can't tell what is wrong here. For Chips component we are using following events: ` $('.chips').on('chip.add', function(e, chip){ // you have the added chip here });

$('.chips').on('chip.delete', function(e, chip){ // you have the deleted chip here });

$('.chips').on('', function(e, chip){ // you have the selected chip here }); `

Regards, Marcin

I Will close this question but my question of not working is that keyDown does not enter in the list to add the chip.


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