Topic: MDB JQuery date picker a little flawed.

Tech Labx free asked 5 years ago

Hey, the date picker is too big when it pops up, i recommend reducing the size. And i mean no offence but default date picker in the new firefox looks amazing, small, minimal and very functional.

With mdb date picker, i have to keep selecting the previous year for the others to load like when you want to input a birth year, i think user experience wise its wrong. I had to resort using a third party material plugin for my dates, one that is small, looks good and functional. Please fix it.

Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Andrew, You can set the minimum and maximum selectable dates on the picker by adding this code:
 min: new Date(2017,1,1),
 max: new Date(2017,1,14)
Datepicker will open at this period. Regards

Andrew Stockwell free answered 5 years ago

If I could add onto this real quick, my team's website is specifically meant for managing a 3 day long event. Sometimes if my browser hasn't used the datepicker before (and we consistently have new users every time we run this event), it'll start from today's date. The event is a few months later at the time when people are using the datepicker to input data so they have to hunt for the 3 days I've restricted the datepicker to. I love that you can restrict the datepicker to certain days, but it would also be nice if you could initalize it to jump to the first day you've allowed, or be able to pre-set the day it always opens on. Thanks!

Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Tech Labx, Thank You for advice. We'll think about changing the style of datepicker with the next release. Regards

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