Topic: MDB jQuery element animation sequence

twentyfour pro asked 4 years ago

Goodmorning all, I hope you are all doing fine. I have a little question on cards and animations. I have 3 cards in a row, that are revealed when scrolling down. That's good. But I want them to animate in a sequence, not all at the same time. To clarify: Now: 3 cards rotate at the same time What I try to achieve: first card rotates and finishes animation, then the second card starts... and so on. FYI: I am using the jQuery version of MDB. Thanks all for your help, Carpe Diem ! kind regards, 24  

Ollie Vincent pro answered 4 years ago

If you look at the bottom of the page it tells you how to add this functionality.   You would need to use the data-wow-delay attribute.

twentyfour pro commented 4 years ago

Ok I missed that, thanks.   For those wondering. I had to add it to a card and instead of hard-coding it in html, I added the following jQuery: @for $i from 1 to 10 { .card:nth-child(#{$i}) { animation-delay: $i * 0.20s; animation-duration: $i * .5s; } } Of course you will have to change the .card accordingly.


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