Topic: MDB PRO after purchasing it

TEY pro asked 6 years ago

I bought it and it does not let me enjoy the premium components, I have noticed that pressing the button sends me to buy it again. And that if I logout gives me the same options ... !!

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 6 years ago

After you purchased MDB Pro you should go to Account -> Downloads section. There you can download your copy of MDB Pro

Paul Park priority answered 11 months ago

I want to refund my order. please check my invoice and refund.

Adam Jakubowski staff commented 11 months ago


The support forum is dedicated to technical questions.

All questions regarding MDB licensing, products, partnerships and other non-technical queries - it should be asked directly to

I've reached out to you via the email address assigned to your mdbootstrap account.

Keep coding

jamesshca free answered 5 years ago


I purchased your product yesterday and was not able to download the product completely. Now I can't even access your website since I believe that my ip address is blocked. I want to get a full refund of my money as soon as possible. You website is malfunctioning and it appears to be a scam. Please refund my mo ey in the amount of $299.00.

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 5 years ago

Please contact me at so I'll resolve all your issues

Stanley Davenport pro answered 6 years ago

Where are the premium video tutorials that are unavailable at the free level? Thank You Stanley

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 6 years ago

Hi, Stanley! There are no video tutorials available yet. We're planning to create video tutorials in the future

Stanley Davenport pro commented 6 years ago

So you sold me something that does not exist? That would be fraud would it not? I was depending on the higher quality videos because when using the free version of the program and the free tutorials I was not getting the specified results. Does this mean that the other components promised in the Pro version are also not available yet? Thanks

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