Topic: MdTextArea does not support binding

cdenby pro asked 4 years ago

When I try to set toastr alerts with specific options, it doesn't seem to take the options at all: toastr["warning"]("here is my message","Dismiss this",{timeOut: 0}); That always disappears on its own. I've tried setting the options ahead and passing them, but I can't set them globally and mess up all my other toastr messages.   Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 4 years ago

Hi there cdenby,

Thanks for reaching out! If I understand understand right, the options passed in in the following format:

toastr["warning"]("here is my message","Dismiss this",{positionClass: "toast-bottom-left"});

do not get applied correctly. I tried to recreate this behavior using the above mentioned snippet, but it worked, what got me thinking about the expected outcome and the "That always disappears on its own" line. Applying 0 to timeOut will make the alert box have no countdown before it dissolves, but clicking (or, for that matter, even hovering over) it will trigger the hiding sequence. Please confirm whether it is not the issue in this case.

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