Topic: Mega Menu dropdown won't close

abbynormaled priority asked 5 years ago

The mega menu dropdown items do not close as expected when clicking on another menu item.

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Bratcher pro answered 4 years ago

I wanted to chime in on this because I understand the MDBootstrap's team difficulty troubleshooting and reproducing the issue. The issue is not 1005 their fault but a result of missing a simple switch. When running in low resource mode Windows disable animations, some of which is used by the animation engine. The easiest way to duplicate this without changing windows settings and to remote desktop into another device and go to the site. This will let you see the issue in action. Now to fix it, I scanned through the scss and found this in the file animations_basic.scss Line 43:

@media (prefers-reduced-motion) {

this is incomplete, changing this to :

@media (prefers-reduced-motion: reduced) { 

Fixed the problem

Marta Wierzbicka staff commented 4 years ago


thank you for your solution.

Best, Marta

Tomek Makowski staff answered 5 years ago


Everything works properly. Could you show me your problem more clearly ?



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Specification of the issue

  • ForumUser: Priority
  • Premium support: Yes
  • Technology: MDB jQuery
  • MDB Version: 4.8.0
  • Device: Mac
  • Browser: Chrome, Safari
  • OS: MacOS
  • Provided sample code: No
  • Provided link: Yes