Topic: Modal Launch and SideNav

Andrew Ford priority asked 4 years ago

This is a small visual glitch, that I first noticed in v4.11.0 and still in v4.12.0.

But what happens is when I click the button to submit my form, and if a field is empty I launch a modal (still designing) and a little padding-right gets added to both the <body> and <nav class="navbar navbar-toggleable navbar-expand-sm scrolling-navbar double-nav fixed-top"></nav>... maybe more elements as well.

Expected behavior

No padding gets added

Actual behavior

Padding gets added

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Since I needed a moving example, here is a .mov file recording the behavior.

It shows when I click my mouse, and when extra space gets added to the navbar, and I have the Dev Inspector open to show the inline-style gets added.

P.S. What are <div class="drag-target" style="right: 0px;"></div> and <div class="hiddendiv common"></div> from? And why do they get appended to the body?

Mateusz Łubianka staff answered 4 years ago

Hi @Andrew Ford,

Your're right, I think this is a little bug so I created a task. Our team will fix this as soon as possible. .drag-target and .hiddendeiv are a divs that are needed for some of MDB components. Thank you very much for notification of this issue.

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