Need to return state name or abbreviation from vector map pl

Topic: Need to return state name or abbreviation from vector map plugin

vbagal-i360 pro asked 7 days ago

Expected behavior I would like to see the vector map return the state name as a variable. Actual behavior Unable to do so Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) My javascript game is weak and I really want am looking at this plugin as a short cut to get a dynamic state selection tool - the data would get passed into existing ajax routines that will eventually open a window with related data from a database.

Krzysztof Wilk staff answered 4 days ago


You can initialize your map like this:

  const map = new jvm.WorldMap({

then get this instance using map.getMapObject(). Now you have access to all properties. If you want to set (for example) regions as a value of a variable, you can do this like below:

const regions = map.getMapObject().regions;

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