Topic: Nested carousel inside tab-pane

BioK03 pro asked 5 years ago

Hello coders !

I need to get a carousel working inside a tab-pane (I use it as an item of a nav-tabs, like in the docs), but there is a problem with the "active" class.

In fact, the indicator of the carousel has the active class, and it breaks the behavior of the nav-tabs :(

Is there a way to get this working ? This is a bit awkward, because no classes are in conflict, so this should be working, no ?

I think (by my tests) that the carousel code is working properly, but nav-tabs seems to query for the active class all over the DOM, without querying the tab-pane class.


Thank you !


Edit :

you can test it here : : Just click on "Technologies", then on "Projects", and both will print

This bug comes from Bootstrap. It's fixed already in Bootstrap 4 beta-2. We're working on an update that contains the latest version of Bootstrap

BioK03 pro answered 5 years ago

Hello !   I updated MDB in my project, and I confirm that this bug is solved using the last version of Bootstrap (4.0.0-beta2) and MDBootstrap (4.4.3). I thank you for your fast answers :) Best, Bertrand Choubert

BioK03 pro answered 5 years ago

Hello Bartomiej, thank you for your answer. I will wait then a few weeks for the next version to be released before developping this feature on my website :)   Have a good day !    

BioK03 pro answered 5 years ago

Hello Marta ! Thank your for your fast answer !   I have made a demo file (as my project file is pretty long) to demonstrate the problem : I created a gist for the code (I cannot make my repo public for the moment) :  Keep me in touch :)

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 5 years ago

Hi, The problem is with carousel within "WORK" tab and below "Internship : Conceptor Developper Full-Stack - Ops - Designer", yes? I've seen your website but it's hard to check what is wrong just in the console, so could you send me any files with this problem to I'll try to help you. Best, Marta

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