Topic: Ng-repeat is not showing any data in select options. is there any different way to show option value in select for ng-repeat

praveenbhati free asked 6 years ago

<select class=\"mdb-select colorful-select\" name=\"moviename\" id=\"moviename\" ng-model=\"\" searchable=\"Search here..\" ><option ng-repeat=\"m in userdetails\">{{m.Email}}</option></select><label> Select Customer</label>

praveenbhati free commented 6 years ago

if i remove my mdb css pro file. select option for ng-repeat is working. so the issue is with msd.min.css file. im using angularjs.

praveenbhati free answered 6 years ago

in angular js we have ng-repeat and in angular above verion we have ng-for. but im facing issue in select atribute. below is my code   <label> Select Customer</label><br> <select class="mdb-selct colorful-selct dropdown-primary" searchable="Search here.."> <option ng-repeat="m in userdetails" value="1">{{m.Email}}</option> </select> let assume we have ng-for in agular 2 & above version so how does this option get write in dom element. can u ask ur angular team. this is not out of support. im totally stuck with my project becuase 50% im using select option and ng-repeat is not working when im using mdb javascript. hope ur angular team get understand what im trying to say. Dear Customer care request u to consult once with ur angular team. it will be more help ful for me.

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear praveenbhati, we do not support AngularJS out of the box. Therefore we cannot provide you support on integration with 3rd party frameworks. I strongly encourage you to use on of the dedicated version for Angular 5, Vue or React - those are versions supported by our developers and our support team will be happy to help you if you encounter any issue with following packages. Since you have jQuery version we can help you in any issue related to jQuery usage but unfortunately not AngularJS .

praveenbhati free commented 6 years ago

You people are just trying to sale ur product alone. there is no out of support. if you code something u have to use ur own class but in javascript u have used the same class which is effecting here. it will take a fraction of second for your angular team to share me the javascript code to run ng-repeat for option using msd css and mdb.js. My entire project is depended upon this Select option only. if u cant help out kindly cancel my subscription and refund me.

Dawid Adach pro commented 6 years ago

Dear praveenbhati, as I mentioned before , css/scss works perfectly fine in jQuery project therefore there is nothing we can fix.

praveenbhati free answered 6 years ago

can u share me the custom material-select javascript file to add. so then it will work.

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear praveenbhati , I've checked your account and it looks that you have MDB jQuery version. If you want to use it with Angular you have to customize it or use a dedicated version of MDB for Angular :

praveenbhati free commented 6 years ago

im using angularjs not angular and can u share me the customized code for this. becuase the total issue is from mbd.css file if i remove that then select option of angularjs or even html5 select option is working. so kindly share me the customized code to add select option.

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