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Leo free asked 4 years ago


I have buy the plugin Prenium drag and drop file upload. Have you a documentation for use the JS library and init differents option ?

Macsgroup free answered 3 years ago

Hi, When I use the plugin on my computer everything is fine but when upload my project on server it shows me some error . I attached the upload part which shows me error

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 3 years ago

Hi. This error is probably returned by your server. For some reason the file transfer failed. It looks like a problem with the server configuration or the method sending the file to the server, not with the plugin. Can it be caused by incorrect configuration of access to the folder on the server where you want to save the file?

Krzysztof Wilk staff answered 4 years ago


About this plugin you can read there:

Leo free commented 4 years ago

Sorry. But i would a documentation for init JS with change default options !

I have test your all samoles but i would change ans understand this JS Library

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 4 years ago

I'm sorry, missunderstood :(

I'm afraid you won't find in our documentation how to change options except these which are included.

What exactly do you want to change? I'll try to help in other way :)

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