Topic: Popover not working on next page

Mei Gie KD free asked 4 years ago

I added popover attribute when hover on the table with simple pagination feature. Popover works on the first page only, it doesn't work on the next page onwards.

$('#tbl').dataTable({ "pagingType": "simple_numbers" });

$('[data-toggle="popover-hover"]').popover({ html: true, trigger: 'hover', placement: 'bottom', content: function () { return $(this).data('content') ; } });

Expected: enter image description here

Actual: enter image description here

Kindly assist.

ps: i tried to upload screenshots with PNG format, but it doesnt go through because it only accept png/jpg/jpeg. :| my PNG matches the criteria..

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 4 years ago

Hi. Try use fnGetNodes to access to all table rows:

const rows = $("#tbl").dataTable().fnGetNodes();
$(rows).find('[data-toggle="popover-hover"]').popover({ html: true, trigger: 'hover', placement: 'bottom', content: function () { return $(this).data('content') ; } });

Mei Gie KD free commented 4 years ago

yeay it works! thank you!

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 4 years ago

Youre welcome :)

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