Topic: Purchased MDB3 PRO - Components Do Not Work Properly pro asked 5 years ago

Hello, I have purchased MDB3 PRO off of your website & have tested a couple of different components & have noticed issues with styling on all of them. I have all the files referencing properly & have replicated the code exactly as how you have it on the live preview, however the styling on many of the components seems to be off & not like the previews on the documentation page. I do realize I bought the MDB3 Pro Version & not the MDB4 Pro version because I am not ready to make the switch to bootstrap 4 yet. I'm not entirely sure if the current documentation on your website is supported with MDB3 Pro. If you can provide the MDB3 Pro documentation or a solution for this problem it would be greatly appreciated. I am using MDB Pro 3.4.1 Thank You.

Ollie Vincent pro commented 5 years ago

If you are copying code direct from the site it will not work. We are currently on MDB 4.5 and the syntax has changed. You will need to look at upgrading your MDB version which may involve purchasing a new licence. pro commented 5 years ago

I purchased MDB3 because I am not ready to move to bootstrap 4 yet. I understand the syntax has changed but you guys still sell MDB3 Pro on your website... it is very misleading that you guys still sell the MDB3 Pro Product without providing the proper materials to use it. If the syntax has changed & the previous version are deprecated why are you guys still making MDB3 Pro available for purchase?

Ollie Vincent pro commented 5 years ago

Hi, Firstly I do not work for MDB, I am only a moderator. I do not have any control over that resources are available. MDB 3 Docs should be available here: but I can see it is broken and the stylesheets do not load. I can only suggest that we wait for a member of staff to reply to claify the situation and you could try to contact them directly here

Here you can find the docs for MDB3: pro commented 5 years ago

Thank you very much I appreciate the help! However I have noticed some of the links are broken to the documentation page above so some components are missing. If you can provide me with the missing content that would be great. List of broken links: Galleries E-Commerce sidenav tables parallax panels Thank you!

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 5 years ago

Please re-check mentioned pages. It should be working now

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