Topic: Remove libs from mdb.js

Extarys pro asked 6 years ago

I won't be using some libraries packed with mdb.js. Would it be possible to ship  a version of mdb.js without all the libraries?

Example: mdb.bundle.js and then mbd.js, chart.js, etc.

There is a module folder but everything look pack thight already :)


I'll be using c3.js (based on d3.js) as my chart library, it looks awesome, didn'T try it yet but the demo site is amazing and after spending hours comparing free and paid versions of charting libraries, this one is the one. Star it on GitHub guys!

neo pro answered 6 years ago


Extarys pro commented 6 years ago

? That is not an answer, nor is it helpful in any way. You should reply when you have to say something ;)

.jodadev. pro commented 6 years ago

Hello, do you know where am I suppose to initialize Date Picker $('.datepicker').pickadate(); ? Like in what folder am I suppose to write that code? Sorry for asking that here, I just suppose is an easy answer, which I just can't seem to figure it out. Thanks.

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