Topic: Select Error if option include html tag

engineer_yasin premium asked 4 years ago

Expected behaviorenter image description hereActual behavior

Why when an item is selected, an error occurs and does not display anything in the input! Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

<select id="Sick" name="Sick" class="mdb-select required md-form md-outline mt-3 text-right initialized" searchable="جستجو ..." data-copy-classes-option="true" data-stop-refresh="true"><option value="2"><i class="fas  fa-user  text-success mr-5"></i>  یاسین عباسی <i class="fas fa-id-card  text-success mr-5"></i> 5279887641  <i class="fas fa-users text-success mr-5"></i>  سرپرست</option><option value="13"><i class="fas  fa-user  text-success mr-5"></i>  محبوبه امیری <i class="fas fa-id-card  text-success mr-5"></i> 5297988673  <i class="fas fa-users text-success mr-5"></i>  همسر</option><option value="10"><i class="fas  fa-user  text-success mr-5"></i>  سامیار عباسی <i class="fas fa-id-card  text-success mr-5"></i> 5279887642  <i class="fas fa-users text-success mr-5"></i>  فرزند</option></select>

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engineer_yasin premium commented 4 years ago

mdb pro version 4-11

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 4 years ago

Hi. Your code is work fine for me. I need more info. Try to create a snippet here: in such a way that the error is visible

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