Topic: select label not rendered correctly

elmajed2007 free asked 2 years ago

Expect to display label correctly as shown on your side

*label crossed by outline *

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)enter image description here

Marcin Luczak staff commented 2 years ago


Could you please provide your code, a snippet of it, or the best create a working project of it on the MDB GO, as this is the jQuery support section and your select seems to be from the MDB Standard and there might be some versioning incompatibilities.

Keep coding, Marcin

Marcin Luczak staff answered 2 years ago

For the dynamically populated component you have to init it manually. For the MDB5 Select generated inside the modal (as shown in the previous post) you can try this code:

myModal.addEventListener('shown.mdb.modal', () => {
    const selectEl = document.getElementById('mySelect')
    Select.getInstance(selectEl).dispose()   // only if select was generated before the shown
    new mdb.Select(selectEl)   // reinitializing the select component

Hope this will help.

Keep coding, Marcin

stevecjor priority answered 2 years ago

I am having the same issues with selectboxes, but only when they are populated at runtime by javascript. The line fixes itself away if you click the selectbox, seems like a state issue.

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