Topic: Setting datepicker with JavaScript

Kiril free asked 4 years ago

How can I set the date of a datepicker with JavaScript so when we open the datepicker it shows the date I set. Presently when I set the date picker with $('#idOfTheDatePicker').val('01-01-2020'), the date is showed correctly, but if I click in the field, the calendar pops up with the today's date instead of the one I set with JavaScript.

lemons free commented 4 years ago

Add the data-value attribute to the html datepicker element. data-value="[2020,0,1]" (note months begin to count with 0 instead of 1). You can also set the attribute via jquery before initialization.

Kiril free commented 4 years ago

I tried that, but I have to set the date after initialization.

Mateusz Łubianka staff answered 4 years ago


If you want to set value after the initialization you should use:

$('#').pickadate('picker').set(thing, value); 

The thing can be: clear, select, highlight, view, min, max, disable, enable, interval. In this case you have to use 'select'.

$('#').pickadate('picker').set('select', [2015, 3, 20]); 
$('#').pickadate('picker').set('select', new Date(2015, 3, 30));
$('#').pickadate('picker').set('select', '2016-04-20', { format: 'yyyy-mm-dd' });

You can see good example in lemons snippet. @lemons, I think it's very good idea to add this to MDB docs, I'll create a task for our team. Thank you for your opinion.


lemons free answered 4 years ago

Here you go:

You have to use the "picker" directly to call the set method after initialization. I do load the date before initalization most of the time, as it keeps my logic more clean.

@MDB team: you could add this to your docs

Mateusz Łubianka staff answered 4 years ago

Hi @Kiril,

@lemons is right. To set default date you should to use data-value. You can set it in your html code or via jQuery. Link:


Kiril free commented 4 years ago

I need to set the date after the initialization, so the data-value doesn't work for me.

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