SL-Tech pro asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone. I have an issue with my project. The sidenav disappear when scrolled, but faded black mask still remain, you have to clicked in the body to make mask disappear. It happens in too, and in desktop version too, simply resizing the window in mobile, than opening the sidenav and resizing it a bit. I try this in mobile version on Android 7.1 and latest Chrome and Desktop on Windows 10 on latest Chrome Thank You

Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 4 years ago

Hi there SL-Tech, Thanks for reaching out and letting us know! As of now there is no instant solution to this issue, so the bug report has been submitted and shall be considered for fixing in our next release. With Best Regards, Kuba

SL-Tech pro commented 4 years ago

Thank you for now, for the others the only solution i find is: - inside body (position:relative on body) - #main-view-container absolute 0,0,0,0 overflow:auto; - Wrap and the rest inside main-view-container Unfortunately this method not work for search toolbar in the sidenav, that disappears on click in the input for the automatic resize (mobile) because keyboard appears even if it does not resized (zoom disabled in meta tag). I'll wait for this update, for now i'll disable the search in mobile version. Thank You again

Jakub Strebeyko staff commented 4 years ago

Thanks for posting that! May it be of use for anyone struggling with the issue. Best, Kuba

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