Topic: Stepper documentation is lacking content

Schulz pro asked 5 years ago

I'm missing some points in the steppers documentation - especially at the feedback/validation sections. Feedback step: "If you want, for example, to check if an e-mail exists in your DB, you can define a feedback function with data-feedback attribute in your next button. " ... and if so I don't want the user to continue to the next page but make him choose another email. The documentation only shows the nextStep() function which would be the successfully option. What do I do when I want to prevent to user to continue? Validation Step: The documentation's example doesn't use the data-validator tag at all (and the loading circle loads inifinitely). I unsuccessfully tried to use the validate stepper. I added the data-validator tag to the button, added a simple, false returning function to the js and I still could continue. What's the difference between validator and feedback? They both seem to be some kind of validation.

Piotr Glejzer staff commented 5 years ago


Yes, they are both kinds of validation. We are very sorry about that misunderstanding. We will fix problems about steppers as soon as possible and we will probably update steppers in next release. 



Gregori Salazar free answered 3 years ago


This works for me, close the modal

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