Topic: table-striped is not working in tables/DataTables

dmpneuro premium asked 4 years ago

**Expected behavior**Striped rows with alternating background color**Actual behavior**Flashes alternating rows for a second, then no alternating background colorIn MDB Editor, just shows no striped rows (try striped-rows in MDB Editor to see this bug)****

dmpneuro premium answered 4 years ago

Never mind - I figured it out. It was the contrast setting on my monitors. Set too high. Sorry to have bothered you for that. Thanks for your help.

dmpneuro premium answered 4 years ago

Here is an image of your website with your modal dialog in front of a striped table. There is also an image of a striped table, not showing stripes, on a separate computer using Chrome.

With modal dialog - only then do rows show striped

separate computer showing no stripes, in Chrome

Using Firefox ver 74.0.1

dmpneuro premium answered 4 years ago

I am able to see stripes on my Microsoft Surface Laptop with Chrome. However, on 2 other computers, with different browsers, I don't. Please see cropped images below - I can only fit 2 images, so I will add more posts.

MDBootstrap home page - no alternating stripes

Edge browser Ver 80.0.361.1

Even in the Editor website you sent me to, the rows are not striped. I agree it is strange that I can see stripes on one computer but not 2 others. So, I'm not sure if there is anything you can do, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

Mateusz Łubianka staff answered 4 years ago

Hi @dmpneuro,

Here you can find MDB Editor examples: In all of the examples you can see stripped rows. Also in MDB Editor plugin package it works: enter image description here



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