Topic: Translating Datatables text

Zxcid free asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone, I'm currently using the material design datatable. Since I'm building a website in another lenguage I would like to change the "show entries" label content, the "No matching records found" text when your search doesn't find any results, and the "Showing * to * of * entries (filtered from * total entries)" text in the info div at the bottom. So is there an option for the

    "pagingType": "simple_numbers",
    "ordering": false

table init that can replace those content?

Many thanks in advance to everyone that will help.

EDIT: I found my answer here , so the main problem is solved. I'd appreciate if someone could point me to a .json file with an italian translation, in the meanwhile I'll start translating it myself.

Tomek Makowski staff commented 3 years ago


Unfortunately, we do not provide translation to any language. You have to do it on your own.

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