Topic: Trying To Add Floating Social Buttons | Icons showing up, but the button it self isn't.

Seth Pennebaker free asked 3 years ago

Hello, This may seem basic but I'm trying to add social floating buttons. I have tried multiple other ways but this has been final stance on it. Any help would be appreciated. If I need to provide any more screenshots or information, let me know.

Expected behavior enter image description here

Except, minus the footer and copyright section. Just the Icons.

Actual behavior

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) enter image description here
I pretty much took the coding example that was used for the 'expected behavior', but i took out the footer and copyright section, took everything else and wrapped it in a div, this was the result.

enter image description here
Here is the css I'm using on the div.

Piotr Urbaniak free answered 3 years ago

Hello createdbyfuse,
I have created code snippet using Your code: Floating social buttons

I also tested Your code on version 4.19.2, but it only works with PRO version, so that might be the case.

Best regards

Seth Pennebaker free commented 3 years ago

I have pro though. I'm also using a pro modal form and it works perfectly fine. The icons are my only issue. The only thing I could imagine causing the issue would possibly be my routing? I'll try and look over everything again and see if I can find the issue

Piotr Urbaniak free commented 3 years ago

Are there any errors in the console? What environment are you using?

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