Topic: Updating Select not working smooth

m.hamacher priority asked 3 years ago

in one of my projects I need to update a select based on an other select. I've worked out a working logic for that but during testing i noticed, that after a few changes (5-6 times) the update process starts lagging. I also tested the logic with plain jquery / html and there the problem does not occur. I also tried to destroy und recreate the select, but that didn't work either and as I read in an other question this is not longer necessary as the select automatically updates.
Any idea how I can fix the issue?

Expected behavior
Updating of a select works smoothly all the time.

Actual behavior
After a few updates the updating process starts to lag.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Marcin Luczak staff answered 3 years ago


You can improve the performance of the select based on another select by adding data-stop-refresh='true' to the select you want to refresh. Please see my snippet:

Regards, Marcin

m.hamacher priority commented 3 years ago

Hey Marcin,
thanks for the answer it really seams to be connected with the automatic refresh. After adding the data-stop and manually destroying and recreating the select, it works smoothly.
Thanks a lot.

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