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João Pereira free asked 4 years ago

hi, I'm not a pro-user, just evaluating your solution. Really happy with the design and the overall package quality. Really sad that keyboard navigation was not implemented across all components with the same care. This is a requirement for my project. I see that there are post requesting this feature as far back as 1 year and as recent as a couple of days. Always with the response that this will be implemented in the future, but with no time frame. Is there any way that you can provide a reasonable time frame as to when this would be available? best regards

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 4 years ago

Could you please provide us more details?

João Pereira free answered 4 years ago

Sorry, you're right, as I now read my question and it's vague :) I'm evaluation MDB-jquery to implement on an existing project. It's a web application with many data entry forms. Our users are used to use the keyboard to: -navigate between controls using the TAB key; -choose an option from a select box with arrow keys or typing to search upon focus; -switch a checkbox with the space key I mean, normal keyboard usage in this type of application. I browsed to look at the examples and found that the keyboard cannot be used consistently. Here are some examples: - in the radio buttons demo ( and the checkbox demo ( the radiobuttons and checkboxes work as expected if I use the mouse to click them, but they don't receive focus, so TAB navigation and using space key to toggle a checkbox or navigating with the arrow keys is impossible ; - in the multiselect demo ( the component does receive focus on TAB key, but then you have to click the options or click the search input with the mouse, this makes sense in touch mobile. IMHO, when using the mouse & keyboard upon receiving focus the input should be active, the cursor arrows shound navigate between options and the space should toggle the selection, right? - in the switch demo ( the component does receive focus on TAB key but it is not visible that it is in fact focused, the space key toggles the state correctly; Hope this clarifies my previous question. Great work, I really liked the visual elements and the consistence between all components. It's apparent that a lot of thought was put into this project. Really hope you can fix these small (I hope) problems best regards

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 4 years ago

Thank you for the details. I added all your suggestions to our TODO list, so I hope we'll resolve these issues in the nearest future

João Pereira free commented 4 years ago

Thank you, looking forward to hear from you. keep up the great work!

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