Topic: Wave effect not shown on btn-outline button

Roman priority asked 6 years ago

Hello, I have a problem with wave effect on btn-outline buttons. I have attached 4 examples of possible buttons. There is no wave effect on one of them. Maybe it is a bug?
<input type="button" name="close1" value="Close" class="btn btn-primary"> <!-- waves effect working -->
<input type="button" name="close2" value="Close" class="btn btn-outline-primary waves-effect"> <!-- waves effect NOT working -->
<button type="button" name="close3" value="Close" class="btn btn-primary">Close</button> <!-- waves effect working -->
<button type="button" name="close4" value="Close" class="btn btn-outline-primary waves-effect">Close</button> <!-- waves effect working -->

Ollie Vincent pro answered 6 years ago

I would do something like this then:
<a class="waves-effect"><input name="close2" value="Close" class="btn-outline-primary " type="button"></a>
pretty sure the input will still work as intended?

Roman priority answered 6 years ago

I will try it tomorrow but I think it should work as I expected in the beginning without any workarounds.

Ollie Vincent pro commented 6 years ago

I agree - let me know how it goes :)

Roman priority answered 6 years ago

I need a working combination of <input> and class="btn btn-outline-primary waves-effect". <input> is necessary because it is generated automatically and I cannot change it.

Ollie Vincent pro answered 6 years ago

I guess so...
<a class="btn btn-outline-primary waves-effect" >Close</a>
also works... I don't know if that helps  you?

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