Topic: Which version should i use?

elmajed2007 free asked 3 years ago


Please i need help for choosing which version to use, I have two downloaded versions as the following:

  1. MDB5 Version: PRO 3.5.0
  2. MDB PRO 4.19.2

after lot of testing i decided to continue with option 1, but i discovered that there are some classes not existing in option 1 and when use option 2 it fixed the issue but causes lot of other issues, for example i post an issue and tried to fix it using MDB PRO 4.19.2 and it fixed but i lost lot of other components.

please help me to choose which one is better for me?

many thanks

Marcin Luczak staff answered 3 years ago


We recommend using the MDB5 version as this version is more reliable, based on the newest Bootstrap 5, and its capabilities are still being expanded, but you should pick the technology that is the best fit for your project. Before using any option, you can check their documentation:

MDB5 3.5.0:

MDB 4.19.2 (jquery version):

The main rule is that you cannot mix technologies within one project, and when you pick one version, you should stick to this package and only this package's documentation.

Keep coding, Marcin from MDB

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