Leo free asked 4 years ago


Have you real good documentation to use WYSIWYG ! Because on this page, the code is all same and i not see difference between all example https://mdbootstrap.com/plugins/jquery/wysiwyg/

I would like desactivate buttons ans translate. Should i change directly into the library file JS ? the vars "translations" and for the display button into "buildTemplate" > "template"


Tomek Makowski staff answered 3 years ago


You're right there is some lack of content in wysiwyg documentation. We will fix it soon.

If you want to translate some specific content try to do this in this way

    translations: {
          paragraph: 'Paragraph',
          heading: 'Heading',
          preformatted: 'Preformatted',
          bold: 'Bold',
          italic: 'Italic',
          strikethrough: 'Strikethrough',
          underline: 'Underline',
          textcolor: 'Color',
          alignleft: 'Align Left',
          aligncenter: 'Align Center',
          alignright: 'Align Right',
          alignjustify: 'Align Justify',
          insertlink: 'Insert Link',
          insertpicture: 'Insert Picture',
          bulletlist: 'Ordered List',
          numberedlist: 'Numbered List',
          enterurl: 'Enter a URL',
          imageurl: 'Image URL',
          linkdescription: 'Enter a description for this link',
          linkname: 'Link name',
          showHTML: 'Show HTML code'


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