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random free asked 3 years ago

Thanks in advance for reading and sharing knowledge.

As the title suggests, this may be a dumb question for those of you are more experienced in what you may consider "basic tools of the trade". However I've learned that in some cases, the saying "The only dumb question, is the one you don't ask..." often is too true. And, can create devastating results. So, with that introduction, thank you for indulging me.

I'm about to install and learn to use GULP for the first time. I'm wondering if there are any considerations, best practices, recommendations as well as "do"s and don'ts and most of all..... any "AVOID AT ALL COSTS" that anyone would share.

First off, the


Mac OS 10.13

MAMP with the latest PHP and MySql versions

Been using TextWrangler out of habit but am just getting into Visual Studio Code

Bootstrap 4 / MD Bootstrap 4


Is there a particular place to install GULP or just along with other applications?

Does it "play nice with others", or should I not run certain other programs simultaneously?

Is there a significant difference between the GULP that MD is offering and the GULP that I googled and found in the wild? Which is better? Or not?

Thanks for any input and or advice before I climb on the train.

Best to you all!!!!

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 3 years ago


  1. I'm not sure if I understand you well. Gulp will be installed in node modules and this is where it should be. Additionally, in your project it will create a configuration file which will be in the main directory. I wouldn't change anything here.
  2. I have not encountered such problems yet. Of course, if you try to add, for example, a webpack to it and run it simultaneously, problems may arise. But I assume that if you chose a gulp you will not install the webpack :)
  3. The gulp we provide is an already configured environment. You can always install the gulp yourself and copy the configuration file from our package and change it for your own needs (e.g. change paths)

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