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esec priority asked 3 years ago


So today, I was browsing MDB docs for some codes and noticed that for some reason, all codes that I should have access to, are just blurred out, and tells

To view this code you must have an MDB Pro account

Like what does that mean? I've bought MDB Pro like a year and a half ago with this (advertised) knowledge:

  • I will get 1 year of updates and premium support
  • I can use Pro for the rest of my life

So, my apparent question is, even tho I have bought an MDB Pro, why I can't display any Pro codes? Sorry, but right now, I'm disappointed and pretty upset about this. It comes to me as the MDB team just falsely advertised lifetime Pro usage, and even if not, just common sense should tell that if you advertise lifetime usage, then you should keep the docs open for those who bought the license.


Marcin Luczak staff answered 3 years ago

Hello @esec,

From your order, I can tell that you have bought an MDB4 (jQuery version) Pro license, which grants you lifetime access and 1 year of updates and premium support for the MDB4 version. Currently, our page by default shows documentation for an MDB5 version, and that is why you have seen blurred-out Pro code. If you would like to view MDB4 documentation please visit

Regards, Marcin

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