ios9 menu and slider dont work

Topic: ios9 menu and slider dont work

snipes asked 3 years ago

Hello I have tested your demo of a full page carousel on my iPad mini ios 9.3...  and the carousel won't change slide with button or not and the mobile menu won't expand ..   well before you tell me that it is too old ios9 let me tell you that mobile menu from wordpress (other framework) are working correctly ..  so do you have a solution ? I mean it has to work on ios9 right if not I really have to change the framework .. thank you for answering this time :P

snipes answered 3 years ago

Hello ?

Marta Szymanska staff pro premium answered 3 years ago

Hi, please, update your iOS, because our carousels work fine on the newest one. Best, Marta

snipes answered 3 years ago

But you do know that there are ipad and iphone that cant upgrade ...  but anyway I can see that mdb only support very new ios /os like no support for ie11 and no support for ios9.3.5 well making a website that works on recent browser is Easy but making a real cross-browser site is hard so..   ps: there is a lot of bugs and duplicate classes in your code (in the demos) I think MDB is just made very fast ...  do you code yourself Marta ? u should know better then!  


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