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Jose Luis Garces Breve free asked 2 weeks ago


1.- Cuales serian los beneficios de esta nueva versión? anteriormente teníamos la versión MDB Pro 4.19.2. (Jquery)

2.- Como funciona Actualmente el licenciamiento?

3.- Actualmente necesito la versión JQuery pero también estamos interesados en la Versión Angular, tengo que realizar 2 compras?

4.- Si compro por INDIVIDUALS, puedo seleccionar una tecnología o todas, cierto? €289 (una tecnología) o €999 (todas) y esto es una cuenta para 1 desarrollador?

5.- Si compro por TEAMS AND SERVICE puedo comprar por una tecnología o para varios desarrolladores y cada uno de estos tendrá su cuenta, cierto? (una tecnología?), pero, puedo comprar 3 cuentas TEAMS de todas las tecnologías? y si no pudo tengo que comprar 2 distintas? si quiero por ejemplo un de Jquery y otra de Angular son 2 compras? (ejemplo €807 3 desarrolladores Jquery y otra de €807 para 3 desarrolladores de Angular)


Rafał Radziszewski staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hello, Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. Benefits of the New Version (MDB 5 over MDB 4.19.2 - jQuery): MDB 5 is built on the latest version of Bootstrap, providing more modern components and better integration capabilities compared to the older MDB 4.19.2 which is based on jQuery. You'll find improvements in performance, a richer set of features, and enhanced customizability due to updated components like Navbars, Cards, and Forms. Additionally, MDB 5 supports frequent updates and compatibility with other modern technologies​.

  2. Licensing: When you purchase MDB Pro, it includes 12 months of premium support and updates. After this period, you can continue to use the last version you downloaded forever but without further updates unless you renew the license. This applies to all the products you purchase, whether individually or in a bundle.

  3. Purchasing JQuery and Angular Versions: You would need to make separate purchases for each technology if you require both the jQuery and Angular versions. MDB doesn't offer a combined package for only these two in a single purchase. However, you can purchase MDB Bundle, which contains Standard Bootstrap version, Angular, Vue and React.

  4. Purchasing as Individuals: Yes, as an individual, you can choose to purchase access to a single technology for €289 or opt for the complete package that includes all technologies for €999. This purchase is associated with a single developer account​ .

  5. Purchasing through Teams and Service: For teams, you can indeed buy licenses either for a single technology or multiple technologies. If you want all technologies for three teams, each license (covering one technology) needs to be purchased separately. For example, if you need licenses for both jQuery and Angular for three developers each, it would count as two separate purchases.

I hope this clarifies your queries! If you need further details, let me know


1.- What would be the benefits of this new version? Previously we had version MDB Pro 4.19.2. (Jquery)

2.- How does licensing currently work?

3.- I currently need the JQuery version but we are also interested in the Angular Version, do I have to make 2 purchases?

4.- If I buy by INDIVIDUALS, I can select one technology or all, right? €289 (one technology) or €999 (all) and this is an account for 1 developer?

5.- If I buy through TEAMS AND SERVICE I can buy for one technology or for several developers and each of them will have their account, right? (one technology?), but can I buy 3 TEAMS accounts of all technologies? And if it couldn't, do I have to buy 2 different ones? If I want, for example, one from Jquery and another from Angular, are they 2 purchases? (example €807 for 3 Jquery developers and another of €807 for 3 Angular developers)


Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 2 weeks ago

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