MDB 4.8.11- CDN 404 error (CSS and JS)


Topic: MDB 4.8.11- CDN 404 error (CSS and JS)

Michael Kovařík asked 5 months ago

Expected behavior CDN for CSS and JavaScript should be working. Actual behavior CDN returns 404 error for CSS and JavaScript file. Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) Red link marked returns 404 error. enter image description here

Piotr Obrebski staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Michael Kovarik,

We noticed that the CDN part of the delivery didn't ship our NPM package. We are currently trying to resolve the issue but it is the part of CDN to let us make the new package available.

Best Regards, Piotr

splico pro premium answered 5 months ago

any progress on this, seems that we can't use 4.9 too???

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff pro premium commented 5 months ago

we're already working on this

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